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Great fences make good neighbors. That’s why at Mr. Fence It, we’ve been performing high-quality residential and commercial fence installation for the Lafayette and Indianapolis, Indiana communities since 1973.

Our attention to detail, fast response time, quality of service, and affordable pricing make us one of the best fence installation companies in the Midwest.

Fences are an excellent investment for any residential or commercial property. Fences give your yard or facility privacy from the street and passersby, shield ambient noise, and add a decorative element to your property.

Whether you’re looking for function, flair, or both, we offer various fence types in different materials, sizes, and styles that will fit your needs.

Our Fencing Installation Services

We offer many different types of fencing and will work with you to plan, build, and install your perfect fence. If you are looking to shield your home or commercial property from outsiders, our privacy fence installation team can give you the sense of safety and security you are looking for.

What is one of the cheapest fences to install?

It really does depend on the project! One of the cheapest fences to install would be a chain-link fence.

When is the best time of year to install a fence?

Fence installation can be performed during any time of the year. We have the proper equipment and service technicians to provide quality installs at any time.

What is the easiest fence to install?

Vinyl fences! Vinyl is super lightweight but super protective at the same time. It’s simple to install the fence posts and slide the fence frames right in.

Fence Types

Vinyl fence

Vinyl fences are one of the best fences to get for privacy and security. Choose Mr Fence It Vinyl Fences today.


Why hire a fencing company?

Get your ideal fence –
without the hassle

Professionals have the skillset, knowledge, and materials it takes to build your dream fence quickly and affordably without costly mistakes. At Mr. Fence It, we have over 45 years of experience installing quality fences.

Save money

When installing a fence, there are many materials and steps involved. Some of these require specialized tools. By hiring a fencing company, you will not have to invest in expensive equipment and hardware. At Mr. Fence It, we have all of the tools to create any fence you need.

Ensure Fence Safety

Building a fence involves digging deep in the ground to install posts. Without knowledge of the area, you might hit a powerline or piping, which is not only dangerous but can cause a lot of damage. Professionals know how to create a safe fence. The Mr. Fence It installation process includes surveying the area and finding the safest spot to dig.

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Proudly serving Indiana since 1973

Our founder, Gene Hurt, has been building the trust of the Lafayette and Indianapolis communities his whole life and promises the highest level of customer service. As a result, we deliver five-star fencing installation and fencing repair with fast and honest service for a fair price.

Our fence company is proud to serve all of Lafayette and Indianapolis, Indiana, and the surrounding areas. We strive to provide the best customer experience being one of the top fencing companies in Indiana.

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