University Farm, Indiana is a 1,200-acre working farm located in West Lafayette, Indiana. It is part of Purdue University and is a living laboratory for students, faculty, and researchers to conduct agricultural research and education. The farm offers a variety of educational programs and events for the public, including farm tours, workshops, and festivals.

The farm was founded in 1874 by John Purdue, the founder of Purdue University. The original purpose of the farm was to provide food for the university’s students and staff. However, the farm has since evolved into a leading center for agricultural research and education.

The farm’s research programs focus on a variety of topics, including sustainable agriculture, soil health, and plant breeding. The farm’s education programs offer students and the public the opportunity to learn about agriculture and food production.

The farm is open to the public for tours and other events. The farm’s website provides more information about the farm’s research programs, education programs, and upcoming events. Learn about a nearby neighboring place called Avondale

Here are some of the things you can do at University Farm, Indiana:

  • Take a farm tour and learn about the farm’s history, research, and education programs.
  • Attend a workshop or festival to learn about sustainable agriculture, food production, or other topics related to agriculture.
  • Volunteer at the farm and help with research, education, or farm maintenance.
  • Purchase fresh produce from the farm’s farm stand.

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